New Beginnings

By: Jennifer Kauffman

The best time for a new beginning is not tomorrow, the next day, or someday…it is right NOW!

Do you believe it is possible to create and live a life you love after trauma?

I never use to believe that I could live a life I loved after trauma. For most of my life, I felt broken and shattered on the inside, yet I portrayed myself as a strong, fiercely independent woman who could do it all on her own. I pretended like everything was fine on the outside, but deep down it wasn’t. After the Boston Marathon Bombings I discovered another way, which I will share with you as part of my blog series.

What would living a life YOU love look like (Where you go from surviving to thriving)?

For me, surviving meant I was merely getting by in life…I was simply coping with each day, which often feels like a series of chores and usually was meant with some struggle. What does surviving mean to you?

On the other hand, thriving to me means I am living each day to the fullest, as if it were my last. I do my best to live in the present moment throughout the day, doing what I love, which includes my work, the people I surround myself with, the foods I eat, the clothes I wear, and more. Thriving represents aliveness and a greater level of vitality. It’s like having a spring in my step.

Here are some key elemenets to designing and creating a life you love:

•  Take inventory of your life right now.

                            • What areas of life are most important to you? Check all that apply and                                                      feel free to create new areas for yourself

                        •Using the scale of 1 to 10 below how would you rate each area you                                   selected above in terms of your current satisfaction level in that area?

                          • If you answered 10 in every area of life that is important to you then                                                            give yourself a huge round of applause for choosing and living a life you absolutely LOVE! Congratulations!

                            • If you answered less than 10 in any area of your life then ask                                                                            yourself these important questions:

                           • What areas do I want to focus on improving in 2018?

                            • What changes do I want to make in this area of my life in 2018 that                                                                  would move me closer to loving this area of my life? Be honest with                                                                  yourself!

• Develop your plan.

• Prioritize and take ACTION on what you identified will move you closer to living a life you love.

• CELEBRATE all your wins (big or small) that are moving you towards living a life YOU love!