#BeCourageous is a collection of inspiring real-life stories designed to teach young people how to face adversity in an empowering and positive manner. This book is also designed for families, teachers, guidance councilors, and all those who are interested in helping children develop the mindset to flourish and succeed in life. #BeCourageous offers practical and transformational lessons that motivate readers to take action to live their best lives, it is a tool that can be referred to again and again over a lifetime.

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“These honest and meaningful stories reveal what real courage is all about. We can learn through the wisdom and experience of the amazing authors and most importantly, be inspired to act on what’s important and needed right now.”

~Marcia Wieder, CEO~

Dream University and best-selling author

#BeCourageous is an important read for all kids and families growing up in today’s world. These simple, yet profound stories illustrate powerful life lessons that I wish I had learned as a child. It is humbling to see so many young people sharing their stories, how they shifted their mindset to successfully move through stressful times and come out stronger on the

other side. The authors’ illustrations and word play enable big concepts to be easily accessible for children and people of all ages. I loved how the chapters build on each other with a beautiful summation of the concepts with real strategies to create the best quality life. As a professional who has worked over 30 years with children challenged by learning differences, I thank you for writing this book.”

~Pam Formosa, MA OTR/L~

Founder: Brain Fit Academy, Inc.

Author: FRAID NOT! Empowering Kids with Learning Differences


“Children, especially teenagers more than ever need to develop resilience and self-regulation skills. It’s crucial for them to know that there are answers and they are not alone. Kudos to the brave kids that shared their stories in this book. #BeCourageous promotes the importance of mindset, attitude and communication. All valuable skills for success in the 21st century.”

~Sheena L. Smith ~

Speaker, Author of All Kids Can Thrive


“Having worked with thousands of people, I have come to know that we all have been harmed. We don’t have the freedom to choose what happens to us that leaves us traumatized. However, we have the power to turn the most horrendous acts of harm into the gift we give to the world.

The vulnerability and generosity these young authors model in sharing their stories will undoubtedly become an inspiration to other young people giving them hope to live – to fully live beyond whatever happened to them.”

~Leila Reyes, MSW~

Transformational Coach, facilitating the remembering of your wholeness


“Jennifer Kauffman, Meghan and Kate McCobb do an “inspiring” job on their new book, #BeCourageous. They each share some of their own personal stories and how they were able to overcome those challenges. There are also examples faced by others with situations and key concepts to help “RISE” above each challenge.

The book is thoughtfully written and done in such a way that all are able to read and can connect with. Each chapter contains personal stories in which they share the challenges they each faced with the reader and offer key concepts in how to possibly deal with the challenge and help move on. You will continue to read and reread each and every chapter. You will identify the concepts that most interest and relate to you but, I believe that this book will give you the courage to RISE above any situation you are facing.

I highly recommend this book for parents and children to read together, for teachers to share with students, for guidance counselors to reflect with students and for anyone facing a challenge who needs some support and guidance to be able to move forward. Be strong, be you, and FLY!

~Jan Maglione ~

Teacher and Member of The Massachusetts Readers Council