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Jennifer Kauffman

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What If… Trauma is a gift?

Surviving trauma is difficult and painful, but what if it’s also a gift?
It may sound counterintuitive or even insensitive, but traumatic experiences present us with opportunities to learn more about ourselves and our values, as well as options for how to navigate 
our lives moving forward. My guest this week, Jennifer Kauffman, shares her inspirational story of surviving the Boston Marathon bombings and how that changed her life. Her mindset offers us ways to think about how we can more powerfully navigate difficulties in our own lives.
The DreamMason Podcast

Lean In & Rise Up with Jennifer Kauffman

In this episode, Jennifer Kauffman and Alex talk about how to overcome adversity while creating a life that goes from surviving to thriving.
Richard Dugan

Richard Dugan Interviews  Jennifer Kauffman

In this episode, Jennifer Kauffman and Richard discuss her new movie “There’s Got To Be More To Life…”

Interview with Michael Jetter on The Scott James Show

Listen to Jennifer’s inspiring and powerful interview with Michael Jetter on The Scott James show about her new book, Shattered and overcoming adversity.

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Interview with Live2Inspire, Krishna Lakkineni

Jennifer Kauffman has an interview about her experience and road to recovery after the Boston Marathon bombings. In her book, Shattered, she shares the traumatic and most terrifying event in her life and how she took the shattered pieces of her life and put them back together… Perfectly imperfect.

“Through my work with the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, The Success Principles, and my Breakthrough to Success training program, I have been exposed to many different people who have been on the path of self-improvement. Jennifer Kauffman and her book stand out—as a woman who has endured several traumatic experiences in her life, she has discovered a way to rise above these tribulations as a stronger, more resilient human being. Jennifer has written an inspiring and empowering book on overcoming trauma. She is a living example of how it is possible to heal naturally from trauma and go from merely surviving to thriving in life. Jennifer’s wisdom and insights will help you on your journey of healing trauma and to move forward and live a life you love.” —Jack Canfield, co-creator of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

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Synchronicity Foundation Rise and Thrive Interview with Jennifer Kauffman and Kia Scherr

Jennifer explains her concept of love bombs for the people around us and for ourselves.


The Synchronicity Foundation is a non-profit organization offering Modern Spirituality retreats, online courses and products featuring High-Tech Meditation.

Interview on Stripped Bare FM
After the Bombing: Rising up from Shattered Glass

In this episode, Jennifer speaks about how she witnessed and experienced the Boston Marathon terrorist attack. On April 15, 2013, Jennifer Kauffman was standing approximately 15 feet from the finish line when the bombing happened at the 117th Boston Marathon. She was one of at least 264 people who were seriously injured.  Jennifer describes all the details of those tragic moments during the terrorist attack. In an instant the Boston Marathon went from elation to horror.  She reveals that she was conscious during the explosion and witnessed things that no human should ever have to experience. She described seeing blood everywhere. She experienced emotional trauma and physical injuries including spinal injuries that imputed her ability to walk normally for six months and a brain injury that affected her ability to recall memories. Affected by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), she eventually was able to manage it all with determination, focus and gratitude.

Interview with Jennifer Kauffman & Jo Hawkins from Influencr Magazine Surviving To Thriving

In this interview, I delve deeper into my journey of healing naturally and how I believe it’s possible to rise up to anything your heart desires. You’ll also learn about what I believe it takes to go from surviving to thriving.

 Thank you so much Jo Hawkins for allowing me to share my inspirational and transformational story with you and all our listeners.

The Magic of Saying YES - Interview with Kia Scherr

Kia eloquently shares how she learned to cultivate saying YES to life after tragically losing her 3-year old daughter, Naomi and husband Alan to the 2008 Mumbai attacks, which claimed the lives of 164 people. 

She is the Author of “The Pocketbook of Peace – a 30 day Companion guide” and her new book, Forgiveness is A Choice, will be released in Summer 2021.

Rising Up Series: Thriving in Uncertain Times with Jo Hawkins, Founder of Influencr Magazine

Meet the brains and beauty behind the Influencr brand. Jo Hawkins believes, YOU are your brand, and a brand starts with your heart. She believes its your mission in life to discover what makes your heart sing and once you do it’s your opportunity to express it out in the world. In this interview you will learn about Jo’s near death experience as a little girl; her nursing experience that gifted her with an opportunity to help an abandoned baby, Phindile, to go from barely surviving to thriving. In addition, you’ll learn how Jo rose up after losing her successful multi-million dollar business that caused her to pivot, move to a new country and now she is thriving once again!

Jo mentors entrepreneur’s and coaches to discover, brand and live their heart songs through her transformational programs. You can learn more about Jo Hawkins by visiting her website: https://johawkins.online

To subscribe to Jo’s Influencr Magazine go to: https://influencrmagazine.online

You Are Perfect! Interview with Judi Miller, author of Perfect and Awaken The Creator Within

Judi Miller started her career as a Certified Public Accountant and went on to excel in the world of corporate finance for over 20 years. Most of her life has been dedicated to personal development and helping others excel in a constantly changing environment. Over the past several years, Judi’s interest shifted toward spirituality. Her growth was no longer aimed at making herself better; instead, she began to focus on finding her intrinsic wholeness.

This shift brought her numerous lessons around the nature of the creator, forgiveness and the trajectory each soul follows throughout the course of many lives. Today, sharing these lessons is an integral part of her journey. As a coach, speaker and author, she shares her relatable and heartfelt messages with others who want to awaken to their true greatness and experience lasting happiness.

Judi has trained with some of the world’s most spiritual visionaries and is certified in The Energy Codes, Happy for No Reason and The Passion Test. She is available for keynote speeches and workshops. She will inspire you to live a more passionate life filled with greater clarity, joy and happiness.

Judi’s story is fascinating and inspiring, I highly recommend ordering her new book, Perfect.

To learn more about Judi and to order her new book, Perfect, as well as, receive 5 extraordinary free bonuses, please go to: https://judimiller.net/

I recommend you also check out her free e-book called, Awaken The Creator Within, which can be found at: https://judimiller.net/

Interview with Best-Selling Author, Susan Mercer on Living Well, Dying Gracefully

Susan B. Mercer is the International Best Selling Author of “A Graceful Goodbye: A New Outlook On Death. Her experiences as an End of Life Doula inspired her book. It is a resource for caregivers and family members of dying loved ones. Living while dying is a blessing you can help your loved one manage, with tools, understanding, and kindness found in A Graceful Goodbye. Susan’s book speaks of dying/death of a loved one, relationship, job, or pet, the meaning of death and how to live our best life now. Susan is the Executive Producer of the documentary, “Folds of Honor”. This documentary follows the life of Colonel Lieutenant Dan ‘Noonan’ Rooney, a Fighter Pilot and Professional Golfer. He created this foundation to provide educational scholarships to the children and spouses of fallen soldiers. Susan believes every person, regardless of their circumstances, deserves continuing education to create their fulfilling future. The foundation also provides support during the transition of living life without their loved one present.

Susan lives her best life as a Life/Death Coach, End of Life Doula, Intuitive/Medium and Interior Designer. She is pursuing her dream of obtaining her Private Pilot’s License.

These unknown and uncertain times can raise our fear level. Susan’s unique perspective gives light to the darkness and tools to navigate the unknown into the known.

Go to modernoutlooks.com to learn more, view her videos, listen to her podcast and read her article published in ‘Best Self Magazine’ and her blogs.

Raising Your Vibration - Interview with Quantum Sound Therapy Pioneer Helena Reilly

Helena Reilly, M.A. is a University of Chicago trained psychotherapist who has explored various modalities of transformation throughout her lifetime. She has co-founded and co-created quantum sound therapy. Together with her partner Robert Lloy, she invented the quantum sound Miracle iQube, a sound and scalar vortex technology that transforms subconscious patterns. Helena is a pioneer and expert in the use of sound frequencies and scalar vortex technology to effect profound transformation.

In 2015, Who’s Who of Distinguished Alumni awarded Helena for her breakthrough work co-founding Quantum Sound Therapy, a therapeutic modality that is capable of bold, efficient and lasting transformation. Helena has appeared as a guest on worldwide radio shows, telesummits and on CNBC discussing her new paradigm work.

After completing her graduate work in therapeutic treatment of individuals, families and groups at the University of Chicago, Helena searched the world for impactful modalities that would create lasting change. Helena ventured to India where she studied with masters and discovered the ancient secret that entrainment with sound frequencies facilitates shifts in brain wave states that alleviates depression and PTSD.

As a master intuitive, Helena resolved to dedicate her life to finding a breakthrough and practical solutions to help people get unstuck and free themselves from the bondage of limiting patterns. Quantum Sound Therapy is the answer to that search. Today, famous people like Tony Robbins and others use Helena’s evolutionary and life-changing products.

To learn more about quantum sound therapy and to receive a free sound therapy, as well as an excerpt from Helena’s best-selling book, Quantum Sound Miracle iQube: 7 Quantum Hacks To Transform Your Healing Business, please go to: www.quantumsoundtherapy.com

Soul Shaker: A Whirlwind Awakening Interview with Catherine Kontos

Catherine is a multifaceted award-winning scholar and professional who has been featured in television, magazine, newspapers, and radio sharing her miraculous story from barely surviving the loss of a business, marriage and her health all happening simultaneously. Her story has inspired thousands of people from around the world. Catherine is a transformational coach, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and philanthropist, who has passionately ignited the fire in her followers and helping them to transform their lives from barely surviving to thriving.

Catherine is the author of Soul Shaker: A Whirlwind Awakening where she shares her raw and real story of how she was able to rise up from nearly losing everything, including her life. A portion of her book sales goes towards funding retreats for other cancer survivors to acknowledge and celebrate the lives who have miraculously battled cancer. You can order a copy of her inspirational book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/Soul-Shaker-Whirlwind-Catherine-Kontos/dp/1687574472/

She is also the Founder of Sunhill Retreats and Pink Mountain Retreat for cancer survivors.

She is the host of the upcoming podcast Stripped Bare – FM – Raw Talk. Real People, which is scheduled to premiere in Summer 2020.

You can learn more about Catherine by going to: https://www.catherinekontos.com/

Interview with Kia Scherr on Forgiveness and Peace

Kia Scherr is co-founder of One Life Alliance, a charity she set up in response to the 2008 Mumbai attacks that claimed 164 lives including those of her husband, Alan, and their 13-year-old daughter, Naomi. Alan and Naomi had been visiting India along with 23 others from their Virginia–based spiritual community, the Synchronicity Foundation, when the Islamic terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba carried out 12 coordinated attacks across the city. Kia’s commitment has became to be the opposite of a terrorist; to love like an extremist. Kia is the author of Pocket book of Peace – a 30 Day Companion, which outlines positive behavior’s to increase both inner and outer peace. 

You can download a free copy at https://jenniferkauffman.com/

Interview with Leigh Tipper on Unleashing The Super Powers Within You

Leigh Tipper is an international healer, teacher and aspiring author who helps people fully integrate the mind-body-spirit connection, enabling them to discover their very own superpowers. Leigh has discovered that when people tap into their own superpowers they have the ability to heal, prosper and grow. They can literally go from merely surviving to thriving. She has witnessed this firsthand in her own life and in the lives of so many others. Her passion is to help others awaken to these abilities using the mind, body and spirit, ultimately creating a more fulfilling and liberating life. Leigh is here to show others the value of their life and to teach unconditional self love. Her remote healing sessions vary from energy medicine and sound healing to self empowerment lessons and guided meditations. She has helped hundreds of people move from struggling and surviving to living fully and thriving. Not only does Leigh work with clients one on one, she also teaches her carefully crafted courses online. She is currently working on her first book which is due to release in 2021. 

You can learn more about Leigh and her various programs by going to her website: https://www.thisluminouslifewithleigh.com/

Interview with Page M Powers - It's a New Day, Presenting a New Way, Dancing with the Divine Within.

Page M Powers is a 4th generation and lifelong Intuitive and Instructional Mentor, an International and Domestic Retreat Facilitator and creator of Matrix of the Soul, she’s finishing up her first book on the topic beyond forgiveness. After her two daughters, Martina and Helen were murdered, Page became their voice and the voice of Spirit, continuing the dialogue once thought lost of unattainable. Page’s purpose and mission is to support others in knowing and being their true and highest self while walking their journey. Her passion is LOVE and her abilities of conversing with Spirit, Ambassadors, Guides and more bring comfort, clarity, growth in times of change and transformation.

You can connect directly with Page and learn more about her programs by going to https://pagempowers.com/

Page M Powers

Interview with Dr. Ken Harris on Synchronicity

Synchronicities are all around us and they can help us on our path to evolving…spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Dr. Ken Harris, M.S., D.C., is a chiropractor and founder of the Waldwick Wellness Center in New Jersey, which was a multidoctor facility providing all-natural health and wellness care for forty-five years.

Dr. Ken is considered a pioneer in holistic healing. He first established his practice in 1974 and in 1993 established the Mind-Body Wellness Education Center, dedicated to the exploration, understanding and promotion of the mind-body-spirit connection. As an educator, lecturer, presenter, author and keynote speaker, Dr. Ken Harris has facilitated numerous seminars and workshops that touch the heart and soul. He speaks on subjects of spirituality, personal development, mindfulness and natural health.

Dr. Ken’s best-selling book, Synchronicity – The Magic – The Mystery – The Meaning, is a collection of the author’s real-life stories about synchronicity that can serve as a guide to help you remember your own special stories. In fact, Dr. Ken is looking for people to submit their very own synchronicity story which may be featured in his upcoming book series.

To learn more, please go to: https://www.doctorkenharris.com/

Interview with Debra Poneman, Founder of Yes To Success

In this video you’ll learn some valuable information about Debra’s journey from failure to success…why she decided to re-launch her incredible Yes To Success program after 40 years. The very program that launched Marci Shimoff, Deepok Chopra and so many others. She is also giving away a free e-book called, “The 5 Secrets to a Life of True Success”. Go to https://yestosuccess.com/ to download your copy today!

Wishing you an abundance of success!